WhatsApp (Fictional Project)
UI/UX Design

In occasion of WhatsApp and Stussy collaboration, I created a new feature to include in the WhatsApp Business App that could help businesses to connect with their users more interactively.

CMS Home Page

CMS Home Page

About the Project︎
This collaboration between Whatsapp, a messaging app, and Stussy, a streetwear company, was aimed at inventing new tools for Whatsapp Business that could help businesses interact more creatively with their users.

My solution to the problem was the creation of a Content Management System. This allowed the brand marketing team at Stussy to use the CMS to create Whatsapp marketing campaigns that allowed WhatApp users to use pre-set media effects for WhatsApp such as Shapiro, Ollie North, Kickflip, and many others, thus generating creative expressive contents of the Stussy style.

Adding a new sticker to the Ollie North collection

UX Challenges︎
The first UX challenge that I encountered on this project was finding the limitation within the WhatsApp business platform. In doing so, I had to completely break Whatsapp into sections in order to have a clear understanding of how it works and what the user gets by using it.

Keep in mind the main goal of WhatsApp, which is to “Make connecting with people easy”. I started to analyse the history of Whatsapp with the aim to discover how this company has evolved and become the business that we know today. The understanding of this process was a very strong support for me to create a feature that could be in line with the WhatsApp’s vision.

What emerged from this analysis is that, on one hand, Whatsapp gave people the necessary tools to express their feelings and speak their thoughts and, on the other hand, it has helped businesses to efficiently respond to the people's voice.

However, I found in my analysis that there was clearly missing opportunities for customization within WhatsApp. This factor mainly derived from the lack of interactivity that WhatsApp allows. Users and businesses interact with each other quite passively without being able to effectively participate and create something together. The next challenge that I had to face was finding out how interactive experiences have been used in the marketing field and how competitor apps, such as Snapchat and WeChat, utilised brand interactive campaigns on their platforms to enhance the engagement of their users.

Finally, the last challenge I faced was becoming familiar with Stussy’s brand vision.  Initially, I analyzed the characteristics of the company, its objectives, and the marketing strategies Stussy uses in order to reach its customers.

Through this method, I was able to come up with some ideas on how Stussy would be able to create creative interactive campaigns on WhatsApp.
UX Solutions︎
Based on my findings, the solution I proposed to tackle the lack of customization on the WhatsApp platform was through the development of a CMS. The CMS would allow brands like Stussy to create more interactive relationships with their users while also satisfying the aspiration of users by generating creative content that exists on the WhatsApp platform.

The CMS that I created has a structure based on five different categories that are the media supported by WhatsApp: images, video, audio, graphics, and typography.

Add the Typography Category to the CMS

The user, for their part, can easily apply the desired effect by Stussy to their media content when sending a message to a friend or group of friends. A scenario of what Stussy can do through the use of CMS is, for example, customize the “Shapiro” filter of the image category to include it in a new advertising campaign.

The first thing a brand marketer from Stussy needs to do is enter in the image category, then select the filters sub-category, and finally choose the "Shapiro" filter.

From here, the brand marketer can adjust the parameters of the filter and save the creative result on the WathsApp system to allow the Stussy followers to use this effect to “retouch” their own images.

Shapiro Effect

Considerations ︎
This project really inspired me because I had the opportunity to work on an existing product and really understand the extreme importance of having a strong concept to implement something new into an already successful product.

What I would like to do as my next steps for this project would be integrating the CMS feature into the WhatsApp application, allowing the users (non-business) to create their own content library.
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