I’m Alberto Gregoratti, an Italian-born UX Designer, recently graduated from the Designlab Academy, studying a course in UX Design. I have a background in Graphic Design cultivated in the Royal Academy of Fine Arts based in Venice.

Combining the two worlds of user experience design and graphic design is my creative practice, I have an arsenal of tools that allows me to solve problems in radical and creative ways.

My approach to design is based on breaking apart the problem in order to find connection points between the emotional and logical aspects that compose it. This system allows me to develop products that can have a significant impact on people's lives.

As a UX designer, the problems that I love solving range from creating new websites and apps from a blank canvas, to adding new and radical features to existing products.

I very much like to combine work and study together, because I believe that is the best strategy to think more deeply about my work.

I am currently looking for a UX design position as I would be delighted to help bring someone’s vision to life.

United Kingdom